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February 11, 2019; Geert Kersten presentation at the 2019 BIO CEO & Investor Conference

February 2019; Interview with Geert Kersten, Chief Executive Officer.

January 2016; Interview with Dr. Eyal Talor, Chief Scientific Officer

February 2016; Geert Kersten as a featured guest on Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne

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Communication with the Board of Directors · Holders of CEL-SCI's common stock can send written communications to CEL-SCI's entire Board of Directors, or to one or more Board members, by addressing the communication to "the Board of Directors" or to one or more directors, specifying the director or directors by name, and sending the communication to CEL-SCI's offices in Vienna, Virginia. Communications addressed to the Board of Directors as a whole will be delivered to each Board member. Communications addressed to a specific director (or directors) will be delivered to the director (or directors) specified.