Vienna, VA, June 7, 2016 -- CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE MKT: CVM), a late-stage cancer immunotherapy company, announced today that it will be presenting at the 6th annual LD Micro Invitational on Wednesday, June 8th at 10:30 AM PST / 1:30 PM EST. Geert Kersten, Chief Executive Officer of CEL-SCI, will be giving the presentation and meeting with investors.

The conference will be held at the Luxe Sunset Bel Air Hotel and will feature 195 companies in the small / micro-cap space.

About the LD Micro

LD Micro was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of being an independent resource in the microcap space. What started out as a newsletter highlighting unique companies has transformed into an event platform hosting several influential conferences annually (Invitational, Summit, and Main Event).

In 2015, LDM launched the first pure microcap index (the LDMi) to exclusively provide intraday information on the entire sector. LD will continue to provide valuable tools for the benefit of everyone in the small and microcap universe.

For those interested in attending, please contact David Scher at david@ldmicro.com or visit www.ldmicro.com for more information.

About CEL-SCI Corporation

CEL-SCI's work is focused on finding the best way to activate a patient's immune response to fight cancer and infectious diseases. CEL-SCI believes that we should give the immune system the best chance of successfully fighting cancer by administering a cancer immunotherapy drug before surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, a time when the immune system is thought to be strongest. The typical cancer immunotherapy drug development path involves giving a cancer immunotherapy after these conventional treatments. Its lead investigational therapy, Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection), is currently being studied in a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial as a potential neoadjuvant treatment for patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. Over 800 patients were enrolled in that study at the end of May 2016.

The Company has operations in Vienna, Virginia, and in/near Baltimore, Maryland.